This may seem obvious, but creating a strong brand – one that you can own exclusively, above all others – can be one of the most important decisions you make in the creation of your business/new product/service. Obviously you need to create a trade mark that other businesses cannot use, especially in a descriptive manner. So deciding on Palm Beach Chiropractic (geographically descriptive), or Smiths Bakery (a common surname) are not great choices.  To create a brand that you can grow and enforce, avoid:

–       Common Surnames, ie. SMITH & SON

–       Descriptive words, ie. Scented Candle Creations

–       Geographic indicators, ie. Gold Coast Dental

To create a great brand, try and get quirky, innovative and don’t be afraid to go outside of the box,…think about the iconic brands you know and love (ie. Google, Nike, Yahoo, Apple, Virgin…)…do they actually mean anything in relation to the product offering? Part of the success of these brands is the fact they are the absolute only business that can use these words/trade marks.  Creating a unique brand means it will be soooo much easier to register it with trade mark rights, which means you can control your brand and reputation 100%.  At the end of the day, having strong registered trade marks means you have invaluable ASSETs to your business, which can be assigned, licensed and if you work hard enough, SOLD for a load of cash.  So think about play on words, conjoining words, etc. Enlist some branding experts if you get stuck! It is worth the effort now rather than spending all your cash on marketing and websites, only to find out you have to change your name!

Feel free to talk to us – send us through some of the brands your trying to decide on…we are happy to help guide you through this critical stage.