First things first – Start Up Smart – Register your Brand

First things first – Start Up Smart – Register your Brand


Before you head face first in to logo design, websites and advertising campaigns, make sure you protect your investment by securing the name:

  1. a) File your trade mark application – goes without saying this is best left to the professionals, a good trade mark attorney will take the time with you to understand your brand and business plans and then tailor the right strategy to secure you the best protection. Do not put this one off, it is better to file sooner rather than later – ideally, you should file your TM before you launch (and be careful who you talk to about the brand until the application is filed)
  2. b) Talk to your accountant and set up your business name/company/trust
  3. c) Register your domain names
  4. d) Register your social media names in all viable channels for your business
  5. e) Talk to your trade mark attorney about international trade mark protection if you plan on exporting.

Once you have taken action on the above, its time to get cracking on building that brand!

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