Take Ownership of your Commissioned Works – Copyright

Take Ownership of your Commissioned Works – Copyright


When starting up a new brand or business you are going to be commissioning creatives on branding/logo design, website design, packaging design, copyrighting, advertising, app development, artwork, photography…the list goes on.  This is your intellectual property, or copyright to be exact – if your suppliers assign it to you.  If they do not, technically it is their own copyright, and they are free to use this and reproduce it in any way they see fit.

Copyright’s are a self assigned right in Australia – as such it is imperative that a clear transfer of ownership is made, to ensure your rights and protect your investment.  As such, you need to be clear with your suppliers from the outset that any works they are commissioned to create by you, are to be assigned to you upon completion/payment of invoices, etc. You could also have them sign a formal deed of assignment to ensure the ownership is clear.

You can skill yourself up on copyright at this very useful website – www.copyrightcouncil.org, but it is also very helpful to obtain advice from a trade mark attorney or IP lawyer to ensure you are protected.  Remember to use the copyright notification on all of your works ie. © The TradeMark Co. 2017

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