Take your brand seriously!

Take your brand seriously!

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Now that you have put all the wheels in motion and your brand is secure with trade mark registration, it is time to invest in the brand and business! However your job is not over and you need to keep proactive on your brand management…

– Make sure you are using the right symbol to represent your trade mark (™ for unregistered trade marks, ® for Registered Trade Marks)

– Monitor for any infringement/unauthorised use of your trade mark. Search google, hashtag searches on social media, trade mark databases, domains, etc.  If you do identify infringement, act on it immediately to stamp it out quick – best to speak to an IP lawyer on your best course of action.

– Keep your Trade Mark Attorney up to date on your brands, new slogans, advertising campaigns, and new product /service development so they can ensure you are within your rights to use them and are not infringing on others, and that your protection is adequate.

– If you are going overseas, you need to register your trade marks (or at least search) in each region – remember you are best to do so sooner rather than the week after that huge convention in New York! Ideally, search and file your TM before entering a new market.

– Renewal fees – your trade mark has registration for ten years in Australia – so don’t forget to pay these when renewal comes due.  Be sure to keep your TM Attorneys or the trade mark office up to date on your contact details so they can remind you.

– Use it or Lose it – If you do not use your trade mark, as you have filed it, your trade mark is vulnerable to removal based on non use actions.

There are a few other important considerations to keep in mind after the trade marks are registered – these will be specific to your business plans.  Talk to us about your plans and we will be sure to advise on how to best manage your rights to the trade mark/s.