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Take your brand seriously!

Now that you have put all the wheels in motion and your brand is secure with trade mark registration, it is time to invest in the brand and business! However your job is not over and you need to keep proactive on your brand management… – Make sure you are[…]

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Take Ownership of your Commissioned Works – Copyright

When starting up a new brand or business you are going to be commissioning creatives on branding/logo design, website design, packaging design, copyrighting, advertising, app development, artwork, photography…the list goes on.  This is your intellectual property, or copyright to be exact – if your suppliers assign it to you.  If[…]

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First things first – Start Up Smart – Register your Brand

Before you head face first in to logo design, websites and advertising campaigns, make sure you protect your investment by securing the name: a) File your trade mark application – goes without saying this is best left to the professionals, a good trade mark attorney will take the time with[…]

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SEARCH YOUR TRADE MARK…and not just on Google!

This is something you should be doing while you are in brainstorming/brand creation mode (above).  Google is a good start, as are the social media platforms, as most businesses these days will at least have a Facebook page or Instagram account.  Try some hashtag and domain searching as well! If[…]

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This may seem obvious, but creating a strong brand – one that you can own exclusively, above all others – can be one of the most important decisions you make in the creation of your business/new product/service. Obviously you need to create a trade mark that other businesses cannot use,[…]

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