The TradeMark Co

The TradeMark Co

Your trade mark registration will be your business’ greatest asset…we are so honoured you have chosen us to secure this for you! The process of registering a Trade Mark is not all black and white. In fact, it is a very grey area of business/law that many people simply do not understand, or undervalue the importance of. However, trade mark protection (registration) is essential to the longevity, confidence and power in your brand.  It is one of the very first things a business owner should consider when starting up. After all, your reputation and brand is everything, right?



If you are reading this, and your brand is not yet registered, then you are precisely where you need to be, and so will your brand when we are finished with it.  You will have a strong, registered right to your brand/trade mark.  You will have the confidence to invest further in your business.  You will be able to take control and ownership over your brand and its reputation. You can stop any unauthorised use of your brand.  You could even sell your brand/trade mark registration for a HUGE amount of money!

The TradeMark Co. are Gold Coast Trade Mark Attorneys providing quality, affordable brand protection for your trade mark in Australia and overseas. We ONLY register trade marks.  We stick to what we are good at, and do it well!  Our aim is to make the process as easy and as cost effective as possible for you – whilst maintaining an extremely high level of customer service and care for YOU and your brand.

One of our core values is nurturing our relationships with our clients and spending time getting to know you and your business – including your plans for the future, which is very important in relation to ensuring we get you the best trade mark protection. We believe that getting to know you and your business will ultimately ensure we do the best job in ensuring the strongest possible protection for your trade mark/s.

A promise to our clients:

√ Personalised, one on one service. You will always talk to your trade mark attorney who knows your brand, your files, your business plans, your style of doing business and choice of poison (long black, margarita, green juice..?)

√ Fixed & amp; Fair Fees. We know that starting a new business is expensive. We would rather you protect your brand now, rather than see you wait and suffer the consequences simply because you could not justify TM registration fees. We offer cost effective solutions to get the protection you need whilst working to your budget. This is real value for money in a profession that is renowned for being far too expensive.

√ Experienced, Registered Trade Mark Attorneys. Qualified professionals experienced in the very niche, specialised area of trade mark law. We are not the ‘one-stop law shop’ – we are not drafting family law contracts on Mondays and filing patents on Wednesdays and everything in between. We simply register trade marks. Every. Single. Day. And we love it!

√ Branding and Marketing Expertise. We love and always support our clients brands – and we love protecting them and guarding them with honour! We understand branding. We can talk to you about how you are building your brand equity and what marketing would work to best attract customers. We know what makes a ‘good’, strong brand. We can help you choose the right brand – and one that can be owned, exclusively with registered trade mark rights. Oh and we have the piece of paper to back it up…with university degrees in business and marketing too.

CONTACT US – We operate under strict confidentiality – you can talk to us about your wildest business ideas, and you can trust that we will not divulge the grand plans to anyone else…or judge you! And with trade marks, there is no such thing as a silly question.. With absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain, we look forward to hearing from you.