If you plan to take your products/services overseas then you need to be considering trade mark registration in each of your countries of interest well before you enter the market. We can ensure the right overseas trade mark filing strategy to suit your budget and time frames. If you are starting your new business/brand with all intentions to hit the international marketplace, then you must be working towards branding it as an international brand, and that means undertaking trade mark searches in your core markets to ensure you can own your brand exclusively worldwide… rather than having to re-brand for certain countries later on. If you are currently trading overseas and do not have trade mark rights, it is certainly not too late, but you should not delay – trade mark protection is extremely important, for every country you service.



Before you enter a new market, The TradeMark Co. can provide the advice you need to ensure you are not going to be infringing on any local operators – we have partnered with trusted and experienced local trade mark attorneys who can work with us to undertake searches and provide any important registerability advice from the outset. This advice provides you with the peace of mind to commence investment in to the region and start engaging distributors and the like…or it will provide you invaluable insight as to whether it is a viable brand (and your infringement risks).



Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a ‘worldwide trade mark’ …this is because there is no worldwide trade mark register or system. Trade Mark Registration is jurisdictional – you only have registered rights if you have filed in to the country via its trade mark office. If you have an Australian trade mark registration, this does not mean you also have registered rights in the USA or New Zealand – you must lodge your trade mark in to each region of importance for your business in order to ensure your ownership and exclusivity. This includes the countries in which you are manufacturing from. We recommend filing your trade marks in each country of interest as soon as possible. However, we understand that commercially sometimes this is not possible. The TradeMark Co. will advise you on relevant treaties and trade mark filing systems to create an appropriate filing strategy to keep your brand safe whilst working to your budget and timeframes. With our expertise and the assistance and local knowledge of our trusted attorneys internationally, along with making use of the Madrid Protocol filing system, we can secure registration of your trade mark in almost every country of the world. Please contact us to discuss your plans for global domination and we will work with you to protect your brand!