The only way to truly protect and own your brand is to secure it with Trade Mark Registration. A registered TM is a federally granted, nationwide exclusive monopoly to your trade mark for the goods and services you have classified. Our trade mark attorneys will work with you to gain the best protection for your most powerful asset – one that may make you a lot of money one day. Take a stand for your brand!A trade mark, put simply is a ‘sign’ of your business for the goods or services you provide. Your trade mark could be your brand name, logo, icon,slogan…it can even be a sound, a smell, or a shape. Trade mark registration is a federally granted right to the exclusive use and ownership of a trade mark in a particular country…it’s what gives you the right to use the little ® above your brand, and to stop others if they mess with what’s yours! Trade mark registration is commonly confused with company or business name registration… but these are two totally different rights…and trade mark registration trumps them all. Without a trade mark registration, you could be vulnerable to infringement or even be forced to re-brand, which is not only horrible for a business’ confidence and brand awareness, but it is very costly.


Why invest in Trade Mark Registration? At The TradeMark Co. we believe that the biggest benefit of gaining trademark registration is the confidence it provides – you feel comfortable in investing in marketing and you won’t worry so much about being copied or having some huge company roll you with infringement claims etc. Essentially, you could think of TM registration as an insurance policy for your brand/s –ensuring their safety, longevity and exclusivity.


Other benefits of Trade Mark Registration 

• The  to sell or license the trade mark (for big $$) and control how the brand is being used;

• The ability to show investors/distributors/retailers etc that you have exclusive trade mark rights to the brand/s, which is very important, as no one wants to put their money in to fighting legal battles or addressing customer confusion…

• It gives you the confidence to invest in design, marketing, packaging, websites, social media, etc.

• You have the right to use the almighty ® – a great deterrent to copy-cats/dirty competitors, and it shows you take your business and brands very seriously.

• Your registration will be a barrier to similar (or identical!) trade marks filed with the Trade Mark Office.


Our Trade Mark Services include 

• Australian and International brand protection strategies

• Providing trade mark registerabilty advice

• Assisting with brand creation

• Conducting trade mark searches to determine the availability of trade marks in Australia

and overseas

• Preparing, filing and managing Australian and International trade mark applications

• Preparing, filing and managing Madrid Protocol (international) trade mark applications

• Responding to objections raised by Trade Mark Examiner’s upon examination of trade

mark applications – in Australia and internationally

• Researching and providing advice on the validity of registered trade marks for non-

use/removal purposes

• Prosecution of trade mark opposition proceedings for both the trade mark

owner/applicant and opponents in Australia

• Management of Australian and international trade mark portfolios

• Facilitating the renewal and maintenance of trade marks

• Education and training for our clients and their teams or networks in best practice trade

mark protection and management