Is your chosen brand or business name available for use in Australia (or overseas)? You may have searched on Google and you may think this is enough, but it is not. Before you open the doors of your business you need to make sure you are firstly not infringing on anyone else, and importantly that your chosen brand is unique, strong and available for trade mark registration – so it can be exclusive to you. Only a trade mark specialist can give you this peace of mind…


It is not uncommon for business owners to have spent hours, days, if not months or even years deciding on their new brand/business name. A brand name is everything, it is compelling reflection of who you are and what the product/service can offer…or its highly distinctive, memorable and cuts through the cluttered market to ensure iconic status (think Nike, Facebook, Youtube, Apple).


Most businesses invest heavily on developing their brand equity and brand awareness. Savvy business owners will not let themselves get too excited on a brand name until their trade mark clearance searches come back positive. Creating brands that can be owned exclusively is smart. Starting out smart means you must consider professional trade mark searching and advice. Imagine investing over $10k on branding, another $6k on the website, and a few on printing… You’re ready to rock this new business! You get the ball rolling on your advertising campaign (at least $5k) and your starting to get some enquiry…its looking good! Four weeks later an Interesting letter appears at your door…a Cease and Desist letter? Wait… Trade mark infringement? Cease use of the brand name immediately? But you searched the business and company names database and it was all clear. How can this be? Looks like you did not search the Trade Marks database before deciding on that brand. This is not a hypothetical..this is real, it happens every day, brands are forced to shut down and ‘re-brand’ due to trade mark infringement claims. We do not have to go in to detail the damage this can do for a business…not only regarding the financial losses, but the trust and reputation of the business/brand.  We are here to ensure this DOES NOT happen to you. Trade Mark Searching provides you the peace of mind to commence investing in your brand development. It is prudent to conduct these searches before registering business/company names, buying domain names or engaging designers. Basically you need to be doing your trade mark search before anything else!


The TradeMark Co. provides trade mark search and registrability advice at an affordable price. These reports can be delivered within 5 working days and will provide you with the peace of mind and confidence to move forward with your business and brand…or it will give you some very valuable information and a strategy towards filing your TM to avoid infringement claims… or perhaps we will be having the hard conversation of advising you to re-brand…either way, this is a very valuable service that cannot be ignored.

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